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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How do you use the Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula?
A   Daily preferably at night,apply Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula onto the scalp. Massage thoroughly using fingertips in a kneading motion. Continue for a few minutes. You will notice pleasant warmth,a stimulating tingle as the clear fluid is absorbed. Your entire scalp will feel fresh and invigorated. Leave it on overnight. Segals Solutions will do the rest. In the morning or whenever you wash your hair use Segals Solutions Treatment Shampoo to remove deep seated impurities. Follow with Segals Solutions 2-mintue Miracle Conditioner to add lustre and shine to your hair. After towel drying you may re-apply Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula. Leave it on and style as usual.

问:如何使用Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula
每天,最好是在晚上,用 Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula。用指尖彻底地在头皮上按摩。持续了几分钟,你会有一种冰凉感觉,整个头皮会感到很舒服。让它保留过夜。Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula将发挥功效。在早晨或每当你洗头使用Segals Thinning Hair Shampoo,以消除发根的杂质。接着,用Segals Thinning Hair Conditioner ,增添光彩,让你的头发健康亮泽。毛巾抹干后,可以再用Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula,再重复过程。

Q  How does Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula actually work?
A  Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula is massaged into the scalp and left on overnight. It deep cleanses the follicies (hair roots) by removing the waxy build-up. Segals Solutions nurtures new hair growth as it emerges from the scalp making thinning hair thicker and fuller. Segals Solutions does not grow new hair where the hair follicie has atrophied or died over a period of time. As long as the hair cells are still intact and as long as you still have some hair…… Segals Solutions can work for you.

问:Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula有什么功效
Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula按摩在头皮上,并留下过夜。它深入洁净发根去除油脂。Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula培育新的头发生长,因为它从头皮出现,使稀疏的头发浓密,丰盈。头发毛囊已经萎缩或一段时间内死亡。只要毛细胞仍然完整,只要你仍然有一些头发...... Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula还是可以发挥功效。

Q  When should I expect results?
A  With regular daily use positive results have been reported from as early as three weeks to six months. Reaching your full potential will require patience and faithful treatment. Once you have attained your desired results, a maintenance program is recommended. The best results we have found are people who have experienced thinning hair during the last 5- 10 years.


Q  I don’t normally wash my hair in the morning. Do I have to?
No, wash your hair as you normally do just make sure you leave the Hair Root Formula on for at least 6 hours.

问 : 我通常在早上洗头发。能这么做吗?
可以。只要Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula留在头皮至少6个小时。

Q  Do I have to use Segals Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner with the Hair Root Formula?
A  The Hair Root Formula helps fight the problems of thinning hair. The Segals Solutions Shampoos and Conditioners have special ingredient to help potentate the effect of the Hair Root Formula. They are designed to work together.

问 : 我是否必须使用Segals Thinning Hair Shampoo, Conditioner Hair Root Formula
Hair Root Formula有助于对抗头发稀疏的问题。 Segals Thinning Hair Shampoo和 Conditioner有特殊的成分,以帮助提高Hair Root Formula的效果。它们可以共同发挥作用。

Q  Can I apply the Hair Root Formula in the morning after shampooing and conditioning instead of at night?
Yes. As long as the Hair Root Formula remains on the scalp for at least 6-8 hours.

问 : 我是否可以在早上洗头和护发使用Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula而不是在晚上吗?
可以,只要让Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula留在头皮上至少6-8小时。

Do I have to use the Hair Root Formula everyday?
A  Yes. Especially at the beginning. Every application works on the previous one,which has an accumulative effect.

问 : 我必须每天使用Segals Solutions Hair Root Formula
是的。尤其是在开始。 当您每天使用它,会达到良好的效果。

Q  Is it safe if my hair is color treated or permed?
A  Yes. Segals Solutions acts mostly on the scalp and won’t affect a perm or color treated hair.

问 : 如果我头发或烫发,可以使用吗
可以。Segals Solutions的作用是在头皮上,并不会影响烫发或彩色处理的头发。

Q  If there is more hair fall out during these early  stages of treatment should I be concerned?
A  No. This is dead hair and will fall out in any case which is often accelerated by massage and brushing.

Q  Can I use the formula more than once a day?
Yes,you can even use it as a ‘final touch’ before brushing and combing to give your hair that vibrant and healthy look.

Q  Can I use the special Segals Solutions Shampoos and Conditioners even if I have no hair problem?
A  You sure can! You will find them excellent (for men and women) to add extra health,beauty and shine to your hair.

问 : 我能使用的特殊Segals Solution Thinning Shampoo Conditioner,即使我没有头发问题吗?

Q  Have your products been treated on animals?
No. There are also no animal ingredients.

Q  Why do women have thinning hair and can Segals Solutions help?
A  Too many frequent perms or colorings can break hair and makes it look thinner. Physiological changes can also cause more than normal hair loss. Childbirth,crash dieting (losing over twenty pounds in under two months) and taking estrogen-containing birth control pills encourage hair shed. Whatever the cause,normal hair growth should resume after the condition is corrected. However,it may take time for hair to look thick and healthy again. Segals Solutions recognizes these needs and have added extra hair thickness and protecting nutrients to this special Hair Root Formula created for women.

问 : 为什么女性头发稀疏和Segals Solutions可以帮助吗?
太多的频繁烫发或色素的头发,使它看起来更薄。生理上的变化也可能导致超过正常脱发。分娩,崩溃节食(不足两个月失去了二十磅),服用含有雌激素的避孕药。无论什么原因,正常头发的生长条件得到纠正后,应当恢复。然而,它可能需要时间头发再次看厚厚的和健康的。 Segals Solutions了解到这些需,并增加了额外的头发的厚度和保护营养,为妇女创造的这个特殊的Hair Root Formula。

Q  Are there any side effects with prolonged use of the Hair Root Formula?
No.There are no known side effects. There is no prescription required and it is a natural source formula.

问 : 是否有任何副作用,长时间使用Hair Root Formula

Q  Is having an itchy scalp normal during the first week of use?
The itchy feeling you are experiencing is a ‘tingling sensation’ which is normal. The scalp must get used to the formula and once this happens the itchiness should generally go away.

问 :在使用的第一周,头皮发痒是否正常吗
那种痒的感觉您所遇到的是正常的。头皮必须适应Hair Root Formula,一旦发生这种情况,发痒会慢慢消失。

Q & A was presented by Mr.Darryl Segal President BSc.Pharm.RPEBC of International Cosmeticare Incorporation at Richmond,Vancouver.

S N E Haircare Enterprise is the sole distributor for Segals Solutions products in Singapore. For any enquiries on products, please contact Madam Christina Lee.